Wednesday, May 21, 2014

tUnE-yArDs @ Masonic Lodge in Hollywood Forever - 5/5/14

The first time I saw tUnE-yArDs (aka Merrill Garbus) was at the 1st First Friday event of 2010 on 1/8/10 at The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. I barely knew anything about this woman but, after seeing her short opening set for the headliner Atlas Sound (Bradford Cox of Deerhunter's solo project), I was absolutely hooked. Fast forward 4 years to Merrill opening for Arcade Fire for several weeks prior to start her own headlining North American tour! This woman's on fire!
A couple weeks ago on Monday, May 5th, I was lucky enough to see tUnE-yArDs for my 6th time in the Masonic Lodge in Hollywood Forever which was actually my 1st time seeing a show in the Masonic Lodge...what a cool venue! This was an particularly memorable & special show for me because I got to share it with 1 of my favorite Canadian Sasquatch friends, Brooke, who randomly happened to have a 20 hour layover in LA on her way back to Vancouver after attending a wedding in Mexico. I picked Brooke up from LAX & immediately drove her to a cemetery to see a concert. We joked that it was just another typical Monday night in LA! Also, Brooke had never seen tUnE-yArDs live before & I think it's safe to say she is now a new fan :)

In conclusion, I will continue to see tUnE-yArDs perform live every chance I get. She is 1 of the most uniquely talented live performers out there & her new album is simply FANTASTIC.

Check out of my video of 1 of her latest tracks Real Thing below!

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