Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Lady Got Two Men by Atmosphere

Atmosphere is, by far, my favorite current hip hop group. Slug & Ant continue to impress album after album & live show after live show. 

Their latest (& 8TH!!!) studio album Southsiders was released a few months ago but, just this morning, Rhymesayers Entertainment dropped the new, funky, silly, official video for the track My Lady Got Two Men

So, now, it's ATMOSPHERE ALL DAY...Modern Man's Hustle baby ;)

My lady got two men
One's a stranger and the other's a friend
She keeps us both cause she needs us
Zig-zag back and forth in between us
My lady got two lovers
One for the funk and the other for the comfort
I'm trying to understand
But I gotta figure out which one I am

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