Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nina Shallman @ The Mint - 1/3/15

Last night at The Mint on Pico Boulevard, I had the pleasure of seeing a super talented, up & coming, young singer-songwriter, musician & poet named Nina Shallman perform. The fact that her 19th birthday is still 2 weeks away blows my mind! I was told last night was only Nina's 4th time ever playing a legitimate live show but I find that hard to believe considering how fantastic she was! Her band & backup vocalists were impressive too!

Nina has a gorgeous, versatile voice & fantastic stage presence. She plays the piano & the ukulele
 but I wouldn't be surprised if she plays more instruments than that. She writes her own material but can also rock incredible covers. Nina's rendition of Dear Prudence seriously rivaled The Beatles' version & her performance Ask gave me a newfound appreciation for The Smiths.

It is my opinion that Nina Shallman will quickly become wildly popular & possibly even the next generation's version of Norah Jones.

The Moon Can Stay = A Nina Shallman original

Ask = A cover of The Smiths

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