Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Daybreaker Featuring Hoj @ V Lounge in Santa Monica - 6:30-8:30AM on 2/11/15

On Monday night, I received an Email from KCRW listing 5 Things To Do This Week in LA & 1 of the things listed was a dance party event at V Lounge in Santa Monica on Wednesday at 6:30AM! Daybreaker is a "morning movement" that promises to "start your day off unlike anything else" & boy does it deliver! 

My girlfriend Sarah & I went into this morning's Daybreaker event assuming it'd just be a small group of people getting some morning cardio under their belts while dancing to some cool electronic music. When we entered V Lounge shortly after 6:30am (after getting up at 5:45am which was intense in itself!), we were greeted by an already PACKED room full of wild, pumped up dancers bustin' moves to the sweet, sick beats of Hoj. We then proceeded to dance our asses off for almost a full 90 minutes. I was sweating up a storm so I got my cardio in for the day FOR SURE! Best workout ever!

There was also free coffee, juice & Kombucha included with our $20 ticket so we took advantage of the all-you-can-drink beverages...although it turns out I am NOT a fan of Kombucha :-P lol

The next time Daybreaker hosts an event in your town, GO!! You won't regret it. ATTENTION SAN FRANCISCO: There's a Daybreaker party happening at City Nights THIS Friday 2/13 from 6:30-9:30am!! Get your tickets NOW

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