Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Morning Jacket Performing The Waterfall @ Mack Sennett Studios - 5/7/15

My recent 16th My Morning Jacket show was an especially amazing, intimate & unforgettable one. I was offered a FREE +1 to MMJ's May 7th KCRW/NPR First Listen of The Waterfall show at Mack Sennett Studios literally 2 hours before the 7pm start time by a guy I befriended at My Morning Jacket's 1st One Big Holiday in Mexico in January 2014 & who I had not seen even once in almost a year & a 1/2. I couldn't have gotten more lucky & I couldn't be more grateful to my friend Chris for thinking of me & hooking me up with access to not only the show but ALSO to the 4 HOUR AFTER PARTY WITH THE BAND!! 

I rubbed elbows, drank free cocktails & BSed for over 4 hours with Jason Bentley, MMJ's manager, Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka the actor who played McLovin in Superbad AND, most importantly, the ENTIRE band including my rockstar idol, Mr. Jim James himself! My buddy is actually friends with all the members of MMJ (which is something I wish I'd known sooner but better than late than never!!) & he was so kind as to introduce me to every single 1 of them. I didn't take any photos with anyone because I was trying to play it cool but I'll never forget what ended up being 1 of the greatest nights of my concert-addicted existence :) :) :)

I already can't wait to see MMJ for my 17th & 18th times when they play Santa Barbara Bowl on 10/11 & The Shrine in LA on 10/13!!

P.S. I didn't want to take away from anyone's special experience (including my own!) of hearing The Waterfall live & in its entirety for the 1st time so I didn't take any footage of the show until the VERY end when MMJ threw in a few, non-Waterfall fan favorites, including Wonderful, The New Basement Tapes' excellent track Down On The Bottom, Circuital & Victory Dance:


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