Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots @ Viejas Arena SDSU- 10/26/10

Sooooooo... This is Lauren's roommate, Steph. I know nothing of blogs, but she has been kind enough to let me drop a line on one of my favorite bands. NEVER thought I would get to experience them live, but thanks to a fortunate series of events... Voila!

This got the party started!!!!

Wicked Garden
BUUUUUUURRRRNNNN!!!! BUURRRNN!!! BURN!!! Burn your wick-ed gar-den down!
Burn your wicked garden to the ground, yeaaaaaahhhh!

Vasoline (Portion)
SO much energy here!!! Enjoy the light show, and think of it when this part of the song gets stuck in your head ;P

Still Remains
There's a bit of swaying going on here, let's just say it's in tune with the melody ;)

Big Empty
Sigh, missed the very beginning :(
They snuck it up on me, but not to worry, it still gets the job done.

Dancing Days (Hook Only)

Hey-OH! This song is badass, you only get a small clip because I was grooving to the rest of it :P If anything, it's a good highlight of Dean doing his thing. One of my favorite covers, rock on!

Please forgive the shakiness and the couple seconds missed from some of the songs.  It's my first show coverage, I was super stoked and rocking OUT! 

Thanks for watching, xoxoxo!

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