Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeasayer @ The Music Box - 5/24/11

Originally, I opted not to buy tickets for Yeasayer at The Music Box the week of Sasquatch but, when Sasquatch released its schedule a couple weeks ago & I found out Yeasayer was going to overlap with The Flaming Lips & Flying Lotus on Sunday (Day #3 of 4) at The Gorge, I suddenly was scouring Craigslist for reasonably priced tickets to either one of Yeasayer's 2 sold out shows in LA. Once again, I lucked out & found a chick who was willing to sell me a pair of tix to the 5/24 show for only $60 which was actually a little LESS than face value! I thanked my new Craigslist friend profusely & told her she will be blessed with good concert karma.
The first & only other time I'd seen Yeasayer before Tuesday night was when they performed with Warpaint at the February 2010 edition of First Fridays at The Natural History Musuem in LA & I thought they were incredible THEN! It didn't even occur to me that the acoustics in The North American Mammal Hall probably weren't nearly as refined as the acoustics in a legitimate live music venue like The Music Box on Hollywood Boulevard (which, by the way, I still prefer to call The Fonda). I also didn't notice a lack of ridiculously sick lighting & dry ice at The Natural History Museum (they had BOTH at The Fonda) but how can you miss something if you never knew it was there in the 1st place?
Yeasayer's entire set last night was top notch. I thought YS was REALLY good the 1st time I saw them in February 2010 but last night just raised Yeasayer to a whole new level in my book. They played all of my favorite songs & the entire audience seriously got their groove on.

Sidenote: I didn't get too much footage from Yeasayer's 5/24 show because there were a lot of other cameras in my shot AND, more importantly, I needed to get MY groove on!


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