Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kid Cudi at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live - 6/20/11

I've recently been told by a few friends that I might want to consider occasionally blogging about concerts &/or music that I DON'T necessarily enjoy. I understand that could potentially give my positive reviews a little more clout but I still don't really want to do it. My response to those suggestions has basically been something along the lines of, "If you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all." Plus, I barely have enough time to blog about everything I do like! AND, as far as concerts go, I won't pay good money to see a band or artist unless I already have an inkling that I'm probably going to at least KINDA like them live. Every once in a while I'm wrong but those instances are fortunately few & far between.

But I digress...

The main topic of tonight's post is Kid Cudi who I LOVED when I saw him at Sasquatch 2010. At the time, I only knew 2 or 3 of his songs but, after getting really into his set & deciding I have a crush on him because he's super cute & charismatic on stage, I became at big fan. That's why I decided I absolutely had to see Kid Cudi on June 20th at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live. I was originally deterred by overpriced tickets ($63 a pop!) but I still ended up dropping $126 on a pair back in early April because I convinced myself I'd be more upset about missing Kid Cudi's LA show than I'd be about not having that $$.

And it turns out Kid Cudi put on a really great show last night! He was just as talented, sexy, charming & energetic on stage as I remembered him being at Sasquatch. The crowd was eating it up & going wild! My 1 big complaint though is the acoustics inside the Nokia Theatre (not to be confused with Club Nokia) were totally fucked up! :-(

I'd never been to Nokia Theatre L.A. Live before so I don't know if the sound in
 there is usually so shitty but, last night, it was terrible! It was just SOOOO loud that I could barely understand a single word coming out of Kid Cudi's mouth! Since I knew most of the songs already, I was kinda able to fill in the blanks & still have a good time dancing to my favorite tracks but the messed up acoustics definitely put a damper on my good time. Kid Cudi even acknowledged the problem at one point saying, "Someone really fucked up." I feel bad for whoever ended up being held responsible for the audio problems but, at the same time, I also blame that person for more or less sabotaging Kid Cudi's show.

I've still got MAD LOVE for Kid Cudi & hope I get another chance to see him live! The venue will just have to be different & the tickets will have to be cheaper but Cudi's mojo's still dope in my book.

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