Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Morning Jacket @ Pantages Theater - 6/22/11

Out of respect for the wishes of my friend Michael Feld, the brilliant director of the My Morning Jacket 30-minute documentary One Big Holiday (included in the Circuital album box set -> get your copy today!), I decided to find out what it's like to see one of my FAVORITE bands live without taking a single video so I could focus solely on the music & the experience.

Of course, I HAD to take a few photos of My Morning Jacket at Pantages Theater last night so I’d at least have something to make my blog look pretty (speaking of pretty...the interior of the Pantages Theater is STUNNING!). But, despite every natural instinct pushing me to record even just ONE dazzling song, I managed to stick to my no video plan & I gotta admit…it was slightly liberating.
If I had wanted to record every impressive part of MMJ's show last night, I would've had to record the entire thing! Besides there's no way my footage would've been able to do THIS particular show justice. There were too many factors contributing to the overall radness i.e. the SICK lighting & visual effects, Jim James' angelic voice & crazy energy on stage, the brilliant set-list, the overwhelming feeling of pure bliss that'd overtake your entire body as MMJ would straight-up JAM OUT towards the end of a song, etc...haha. You know, the usual ;-)

If there has ever been a band that deserves 100% of my attention & appreciation, it is My Morning Jacket! Jim James & co. blew me away…for the 5th time! I will never tire of MMJ’s music or their live shows. Jim James’ voice is a miracle. That’s why I’m going to see MMJ again next Saturday 7/2 at The Santa Barbara Bowl & AGAIN at Lollapalooza in Chicago in August!
P.S. As much I enjoyed temporarily freeing myself of my self-appointed obligation to take at least 1 or 2 video clips of every show I see, I will definitely be taking a few videos of MMJ at The SB Bowl next Saturday. There will always be a debate between concert-goers who think they’re entitled to capture footage of a concert & those who think it is wrong & takes away from the overall experience. Personally, I view my footage as a souvenir & an everlasting memory that I rightfully deserve because I’m a true fan & I spend SO much money on concert tickets! I don’t use my footage for commercial purposes or financial gain. I just share it with my viewers so they can see what is so fabulous about the artists I love. In the end, I just want to help promote talented musicians & I hope most of them don’t mind ;-)

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