Friday, July 1, 2011

Michael Feld's One Big Holiday Featuring My Morning Jacket

You could set just about anything to My Morning Jacket music & I'd automatically like whatever it was at least 10x more. Despite that fact, the MMJ soundtrack in One Big Holiday (the 30-minute documentary included in the deluxe edition box set for MMJ's 6th studio album release Circuital that I previewed here a few weeks ago) is only one of the MANY reasons I absolutely loved the film! My friend Michael Feld directed One Big Holiday &, in my opinion, he did a BAD ASS job.

A few of my favorite moments, quotes & details include (& I'm just gonna do this bullet-point style because I'm no film critic):

-The opening montage is beautifully shot & perfectly cut. It hooks you from the very start. And, once you see it, you'll know why I want a baseball bat that says, "One Big Holiday - Louisville Slugger".

-The conductor of the Louisville Youth Orchestra, Jason Seber, clearly is THE most excited person to be working with MMJ on their Louisville show at The KFC Yum! Center. His excitement is cute & contagious.

-When the crew interviews Jim James outside on a grassy hill, you can see their reflection in his mirrored sunglasses in every shot. It looks cool & definitely wasn't an oversight.

-When talking about the local Louisville record store that really helped MMJ get exposure in their hometown, Jim says, "Ear X-tacy is the heartbeat of our community. For us, it would've been impossible to get off the ground without Ear X-tacy."

-The owner of Ear X-tacy, John Timmons, says, "I really think that a band like My Morning Jacket kind of epitomizes what's great about owning a record to have a band like that start off locally & then grow nationally & now internationally."

-Wax Fang, the Louisville band that opened for MMJ at the Yum! Center, is a new fave. They're strange yet intriguing. They perform in Tron costumes & the saxophonist sports a silver jumpsuit & white motorcycle helmet WHILE playing. He kinda steals the show ;-)

-In reference to Wax Fang, Patrick Hallahan says Wax Fang "doesn't sound like 1 thing ever. They're all over the place." Speaking of Hallahan...his hair & beard ROCK.

-The live concert footage is cut seamlessly back & forth with rehearsal footage & occasional commentary & it's awesome :-)

I could go on & on but I have to get to another concert right now so just take my word for it when I say that, if you're a MMJ fan or even just a fan of good music documentaries, you need to get your hands on a copy of the Circuital deluxe edition box set so you can see this film!

P.S. If you're intrigued but can't quite swing the price of a box set, send me an Email & I can probably get permission from Michael to send you a private link. Yeah, I'm hooked up like that ;-)

Here's a taste of WAX FANG:

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