Monday, August 22, 2011

Little Dragon @ The Roxy on Sunset - 8/15/11

Ever since I wasn't able to get into the main room at The Natural History Museum on the 1st First Friday of 2011 to see Little Dragon, I've been 100% obsessed with them & their album Machine Dreams. Then, in July, when their latest album Ritual Union came out, I fell even deeper into love...especially with their sexy lead singer Yumiki. I was yet to actually see them live so I spent months counting down the days until I'd get to see them for my very 1st time at Outside Lands in SF on August 14th.

Shortly before, Outside Lands, Little Dragon announced a special record release show that would take place at The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in LA on Monday, August 15th. A normal music fan would've said to themselves, "It's all good. I'm seeing Little Dragon the afternoon before in San Francisco. No need to to see them 2 times in 2 days" But, alas, I'm far from normal when it comes to concerts so I couldn't resist ordering a pair of tix to the show at The Roxy the moment they went on sale. Thank god I did that because the show sold out in less than an hour & 449 VERY lucky fans were treated to an intimate performance by Little Dragon on August 15th. It was HOT...both literally & metaphorically. I was sweating my ass off.
After seeing Little Dragon at The Roxy so up close & personal, I realized that the set I caught at Outside Lands was merely a preview. In SF, their stage was PACKED, I was pretty far away & the sun was in my eyes so I could barely see anything. LD still put on a great show & the crowd (myself included) was really into but it was NOTHING like Monday night.

Because I need to run off to another show right at this very moment, all I'm going to say is that Little Dragon is SPECTACULAR live. They're like an electronic jam band (which I never really realized before) & Yumiki is just unreal. Everyone MUST SEE a Little Dragon concert! Check it out...

Little Man

Precious (2nd half)

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