Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nosaj Thing, DE LA SOUL & Z-Trip at The Hollywood Palladium - 8/19/11

De La Soul & A Tribe Called Quest are my top two favorite old school hip hop groups. I still have them both on heavy rotation on my iPod & their countless classic tracks are always a hit a parties. You just can't go wrong with a little Check The Rhyme, Dog Eat Dog or Me, Myself & I.

Because I love De La Soul SOOO much, I couldn't help but purchase tickets to their 8/19 show at The Hollywood Palladium (aka The Rock Boxx Tour) the very weekend they went on sale way back in May. I wasn't as concerned about seeing Z-Trip &, at the time, I didn't even realize Nosaj Thing (who I've seen a couple times now) was going to be on the bill but that was certainly a pleasant surprise!

It turned out Nosaj Thing was WAY better than I recalled him being the last 2x I saw him (once at The Airliner & once at the El Rey) then De La Soul fuckin KILLED IT (as expected because they ALWAYS do) &, finally, Z-Trip actually kinda impressed me. Nosaj Thing's music is primarily his own original music that he creates as he goes while Z-Trip is more like a party DJ who mashes up all kinds of popular old songs by artists like Beastie Boys, Jurassic Five, Black Star & Black Sheep.

"Engine, engine number 9, on the New York transit line. If that train falls off the track, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!"

Nosaj Thing

De La Soul



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