Friday, November 11, 2011

Lykke Li & First Aid Kit @ The Fox Theatre in Pomona - 11/7/11

After waking up at 2:45am PST time last Monday morning to catch a 6:15am flight back to LA from Phoenix (last weekend’s time change set Arizona 1 hour ahead of Cali) then working a hectic & full 10 hour day at the office, I somehow managed to muster the energy to trek all the way out to The Fox Theatre in Pomona to see Lykke Li & First Aid Kit. All 3 of these beautiful & extremely talented Swedish women were more than worth the effort. I’d never heard of First Aid Kit before seeing them & now they’re a new favorite. I swear, sometimes I know don’t know how I do it…but, man, I’m SO happy I DO do it!!! J

First Aid Kit

LYKKE LI – Dance Dance Dance

LYKKE LI – Silent My Song featuring First Aid Kit

LYKKE LI – Little Bit

LYKKE LI – 1st minute of Get Some

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