Saturday, November 12, 2011

M83 @ The Music Box - 11/9/11 = Show I WISH I'd Seen!

And why didn't I get to see M83 at The Music Box on Wednesday night?? Because scalpers are the devil. Bad people on Craigslist were trying to sell $30-35/ticket face value tickets for as much as $150 a pop! That then lead to many enraged ticket seekers posting their own ads on Craigslist just to say, "Fuck you, scalpers! I'm just gonna end up snagging a $20 ticket from 1 of you delusional & suddenly desperate dicks the moment M83 starts his set. You have no choice but to sell it for something versus not selling it at all & getting exactly what you deserve...fucked." Or something like that...haha. People, including myself, were PISSED. In the end, if I had made the effort to trek all the way to Hollywood at 10pm on a Wednesday in the hopes I might get lucky & find a reasonably priced ticket at the very last minute, I think it probably would've worked out but I was too exhausted to rally basely solely on a chance.

Of course, the next time M83 will be playing in the LA area is on 1/13/12 at Club Nokia when I'll be on my 10 year Semester at Sea reunion cruise to the Bahamas (tough life, I know) so I'm just going to have to wait a little longer to see him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll be on the 2012 festival circuit & I'm optimistic I'll get to see him in the not too distant future. From what I can tell from the Youtube footage from Wednesday night's Music Box show, it's pretty much necessary to see M83 live.

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