Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic @ El Rey Theatre - 7/13/12

I've really been pushing my luck with my shows/concert ticket situations lately. For starters, I managed to NOT get into Moby's free show at The Annenberg Space for Photography on Saturday night. After waiting in line for over 2 HOURS & making it to the VERY front of the line (I literally would've been the next person admitted), my 2 friends & I were told they'd just reached their 4,000 person capacity...yet they received over 20,000+ RSVPs. So I ask: What's the point of the RSVP list, KCRW?? Grrr...I'm still bitter.

THEN, I stupidly assumed The Hollywood Bowl's annual Reggae Night (featuring Ziggy Marley & Toots & The Maytals) on Sunday night wouldn't sell out. I've been to this same event the past few years & I could've sworn it never sold out. Turns out, it sells out every year. I don't know how I wasn't aware of this but, somehow, I wasn't so I didn't buy tickets for Reggae Night ahead of time.

Worst case, I figured my concert buddy & I would easily be able to find tix on Craigslist...especially since we didn't care how far away the seats were. We just wanted to bring snacks & wine to The Bowl & enjoy a fun night of getting irie with 1000s of other people under the stars. Unfortunately, we only made it to the entrance of The Bowl (where we still enjoyed our snacks, alcoholic beverages & even a little reggae which we actually could hear pretty well from outside the venue) because the guy we found on Craigslist got as far as telling us he was parking & would be meeting us in just a few minutes only to suddenly fall off the face of the Earth & never respond to us again. Please note: NEVER ATTEMPT TO BUY TICKETS FROM A CRAIGSLISTER NAMED ANGEL. We hate Angel. He's a jerk & his name is stupid :-P

And...enough complaining! I just needed to vent...

On the bright side, 1 of my 3 show attempts last weekend DID work out. I got a last minute to the sold out Aesop Rock show at el Rey Theatre for only $20 at the door! I'd once again mistakenly assumed this show wouldn't sell out then is DID sell out a few hours before the show. I decided to just try going anyway &, to slightly make up for all the bad luck I experienced the rest of the weekend, I magically snagged 1 last ticket from the box office (MINUS the usual Ticketmaster service fees!). So it's not all bad :-) And Aesop Rock's definitely not bad. Plus he gives out free haircuts on stage now :-)

Be sure to check out Aesop's new album Skelethon in its entirety HERE as soon as possible because it's pretty fuckin sweet.

On stage haircut...

One of my fave new tracks...

Closing with Daylight

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