Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alabama Shakes & Neil Young & Crazy Horse @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre - 8/5/12

So, after my 1st trip to Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday morning just DYING to go back &, because I wasn't flying out of Denver until Monday morning, I begged & pleaded & eventually was able to convince my Coloradan friend (who'd made other Sunday evening plans for us) to take me back to Red Rocks to see Alabama Shakes & Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

The only glitch was we didn't have tickets so we had to wander around people's tailgates searching for 2 tickets. We found 1 ticket right away but snagging the 2nd was a lot more work AND we ended up spending over $300 on 2 tickets when, the night before, for My Morning Jacket & Band of Horses at Red Rocks, my friends & I had only spent $50 per ticket. Granted, the face value for Neil Young tickets ranged form $125-175 so it's not exactly like we were ripped off. It was just a big price increase over the previous night's show.

Luckily, I absolutely LOVED Alabama Shakes because Neil Young didn't exactly thrill me & getting to go back to Red Rocks for a 2nd night in a row TOTALLY thrilled me! It really is a magical place.

Alabama Shakes Performing Hold On

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