Friday, February 8, 2013

Dirty Projectors @ Troubadour - 2/5/13

I still can't believe I got to see Dirty Projectors for my 1st time at the Troubadour on Tuesday night! It's such a small & intimate venue & Dirty Projectors just blew me away. They're definitely a band you need to see live in order to truly & properly appreciate their art. The girls' harmonies blend beautifully with the lead singer's uniquely strange voice. Their music is a blissfully sweet & gorgeous chaos that I can't stop thinking about. I'm going to be front row & center at their Sasquatch set in May. I already can't wait to see them again!

FYI - Security stopped me from taking video so I only managed to get the 1st minute of Just From Chevron. Be sure to check out the additional recorded tracks below for extra Dirty Projectors enlightenment :)

Just From Chevron

Stillness Is The Move

Useful Chamber

Rise Above

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