Thursday, February 7, 2013

SUPER BOWL XLVII (& Beyonce's Halftime Show) in New Orleans - 2/3/13

I've been spoiled rotten by my father lately. First, he took me to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January then, because, on the very afternoon we got back to the States, the 49ers beat the Falcons IN Atlanta becoming the NFC champions, my AMAZING father decided to bring me with him to New Orleans (a city neither of us had ever visited before) to go to Super Bowl XLVII!! We left California on Saturday morning & came back on Monday afternoon so it was whirlwind trip but getting to wander around New Orleans, including Bourbon Street & the French Quarter, for hours before the game on Sunday (while we were still SO full of hope) was SUCH a blast!! I love NOLA & already can't wait to go back.

Also, I've still got mad love for my Niners! They weren't looking good in the 1st half of the game & I was really scared it was going to be a mortifying blow-out but, after the 35 minute power outage ended, my boys finally got their mojo back & turned the Super Bowl into a f*ckin GAME. I was screaming my head off every time Baltimore had the ball & I honestly feel as though that helped cause the Ravens to screw up :) We had a chance to win the game all the way down to the last 4 seconds so that made the 2nd half extremely exciting.

My dad & I were unbelievably sad when we lost but we still considered our 1st trip to New Orleans an overall success because we had such an awesome time (especially before we knew the outcome of the & we both were to proud rock Niners gear on our trip back to Cali on Monday. People gave us a lot of condolences. FOREVER FAITHFUL!!!

Oh! And I must admit: Beyonce's halftime show was awesome!! I still have my blue finger lights :) :)


  1. love it, great pictures! keep up the good work Lauren

  2. Thanks Abel!! Happy Superbowl Sunday! GO PATS! ;)