Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Efterklang @ The Echoplex - 3/9/13

So, after having an absolute (& totally unexpected) BLAST at Pickwick at The Echo on Saturday night, I got to head straight on downstairs to The Echoplex to check out Efterklang from Denmark. At the time, I'd only heard 2 or 3 Efterklang songs ever but I thought they were pretty & figured they'd put on at least a decent show. Turns out...Efterklang puts on an UNBELIEVABE live show! And the female vocalist they recently added to their live ensemble is a wonder! Her voice is surreal. Plus, she's fuckin hot! I can hardly believe Efterklang ever performed without her!

The male lead singer, Casper Clausen, is also a bad ass. Check out my 1st video below for a glimpse of Casper's dramatic genius. And get on the Efterklang train like I just did because they've got TONS of gorgeous music available online & are another MUST SEE live act.

I Was Playing Drums (official video)

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