Monday, March 11, 2013

Pickwick @ The Echo - 3/9/13

My new favorite band of the month is PICKWICK!! My super music-savvy friend from San Jose, Chris, posted a couple Pickwick songs on his Facbook page on Friday because he was going to see them in SF that night. Because I was diggin' the 2 tracks Chris posted, I was prompted to check Pickwick's tour dates hoping they'd be playing in LA next instead of having JUST played LA the night before SF (because that's often the case) & I was SO stoked to learn Pickwick was playing The Echo the very next night!

It worked out perfectly that I already had tix to see Efterklang at The Echoplex (directly below The Echo) at 11pm while Pickwick's headlining set was actually quite early at 8:50pm so The Echo's weekly Saturday night event, Funky Sole, could begin at 10. The timing couldn't have been more perfect & neither could be both Pickwick & Efterklang's sets. More on Efterklang tomorrow...

Pickwick is band full of energy, funk & soul. Every song is unique from the last & these guys just put on an ridiculously fun show. I don't think anyone could see Pickwick perform & not be impressed. I also challenge anyone to see a Pickwick show & NOT at least shake his/her hips a lil bit...because I'd imagine it'd be impossible :)

If Pickwick comes to your town, PLEASE do yourself a favor & GO SEE THEM!!

Live from The Echo

Live from The Basement

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