Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Filter, Live & Everclear = Summerland Tour 2013 @ The Wiltern - 6/28/13

Last Friday, everyone who attended Summerland Tour 2013 at The Wiltern featuring Filter, Live, Everclear & Sponge took a 3 hour journey back in the '90s. They may not have had Groupon deals back then but I bet concert ticket prices were a lot closer to $15 per ticket (like the deal I got via Groupon for last week's show) than $50 (the original face value price). The most shocking thing is all these bands got back together to go on tour!

Updates: The lead singer of Filter is still angry, the new lead singer of Live sounds just like the original singer therefore I could barely tell the difference & Everclear is still fun with lots of classic old hits. Overall, the show was kinda silly but it was definitely a good time!

Filter Performing We Hate It When You Get What You Want

Filter Performing Hey Man, Nice Shot

Live Performing Lightning Crashes

Everclear Performing Heroin Girl

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