Friday, December 19, 2014

Remixes Made With Tennis Data by James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem)

If you like tennis & James Murphy &/or LCD Soundsystem, then James Murphy's latest album entitled Remixes Made With Tennis Data is for you!! 

I'm not sure where the idea initially came from but James Murphy worked with IBM to convert raw data sounds pulled from U.S. Open tennis matches into listenable, danceable music. By utilizing a specific algorithm I won't pretend to understand, Murphy & IBM ended up creating over 400 hours worth of sound then Murphy remixed that material into the album now entitled 
Remixes Made With Tennis Data

There are no vocals on any of the 12 tracks so don't expect anything TOO similar to my beloved LCD Soundsystem but this upbeat, instrumental, electronic music makes for a great working, studying, exercising &/or cleaning the house soundtrack! 

Making Music with Tennis Data

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