Thursday, January 15, 2015

NO BS! Brass Band at littlefield NYC in Brooklyn - 1/10/14

When I walked into littlefield NYC on Saturday night, I had no idea which bands were playing & my expectations for the show I was about to see were relatively low. I was simply tagging along with a friend of a friend's birthday party crew in order to check out a local Brooklyn live music venue while visiting the east coast for the weekend.

I've never seen anything like No BS! Brass Band before! Their stage presence is impossible to ignore & the crazy positive energy exude while performing is undeniably contagious. When they threw in a cover of Jack White's hit single Lazaretto toward the end of their set, they officially secured me as a huge new fan! 

NO BS! Brass is a band of (count them) ELEVEN Richmond, Virginia-based dudes with incredible lung capacities who literally will BLOW YOU AWAY! 
Now they just need to book a gig in LA so I can bring all my friends to check them out! If & when they play a venue near you, do yourself a favor & GO SEE NO BS! BRASS!!!

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