Thursday, March 26, 2015

Leon Bridges @ Troubadour - 3/24/15

After diligently trying & failing to snag a ticket to SxSW sensation Leon Bridges' 2/24 show at Hotel Cafe, I feel extra fortunate to have landed a ticket to his last minute, opener-less 3/24 gig (which was announced only 8 days in advance) at Troubadour in West Hollywood. The show sold out within seconds so, if I hadn't clicked refresh at the exact stroke of noon on 3/17, I could've very easily been with the majority of people who were unable to get tix despite being on top of the sale the moment it started.

Of course, on the morning of Leon's Troub show, Outside Lands announced the lineup for their 8th annual OSL festival & Leon is on the bill so, if I'd missed Tuesday's show, that would've been an excellent consolation but, now, I'm just all the more pumped to see this SUPER talented, unique, charming, soulful, dapper young man perform AGAIN in Golden Gate Park!

Leon brought the INSANELY packed house down Tuesday night!! The Troub was so crowded I couldn't even capture a quick video clip because it would've been too annoying for my neighbors who I was already bumping into on a regular basis while trying to dance in the most stationary position possible. But we were all stuffed in there for a reason! :) Leon's performance of Lisa Sawyer almost made me cry tears of pure joy. He was absolutely perfect! 

An added bonus was unexpectedly bumping my concert pal Adam & his friend Chris as I was entering the venue so I had buddies to enjoy Leon's short but OH so sweet set with!

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