Monday, August 3, 2015

Jamie xx @ The Echoplex - 7/28/15

I LOVED every second of Jamie xx's super duper sold out 1 hour 45 minute set at The Echoplex last Tuesday night! $33 face value tix were going for $215+ on was insane!

I danced my ass off all night & had an absolute blast! The disco balls & extra spinning lights throughout the back of the venue were an excellent touch. And I was lucky enough to snag a spot up on a side bench for the last 30 minutes (which was ALL material from his new album In Colour) where I was able to watch Jamie xx work his magic on many turntables plus the stoked crowd going nuts. 

Jamie xx is beyond talented. Even when he's DJing other people's material, he does it in a way that is SO perfect. He blends different genres beautifully & throws in interesting little sound effects I've never heard before. I'm a bigger fan than ever!

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