Friday, September 28, 2012

Menomena & PVT @ El Rey Theatre - 9/27/12

Since I last saw Menomena perform with Suckers at El Rey Theatre on 9/16/10, there have been a lot of changes within the band. Brent Knopf left to focus on Ramona Falls but, luckily, Justin Harris & Danny Seim stuck together &, eventually, added 3 new members to the band.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect last night but it turns out I should've expected just what I got which was pure AWESOMENESS. Somehow, I didn't find out Menomena had released a new album until only a few days before last night's show so I didn't get a chance to even give it a listen but, on the bright side, getting to hear a bunch of their new material for the 1st time LIVE wasn't too bad at all :)

Fun fact: Menomena popped most people's "seeing a tap dancer used as an instrument" cherries! See a glimpse HERE:

PVT (previously known as Pivot) was SUCH a good opening act! I would pay just to see them on their own so getting a PVT/Menomena doubleheader was an extra special treat.


AND, after the show, I got to meet & chat with Justin Harris for a few minutes & he was SO nice! He took a photo with me, signed my friend's concert poster & just shot the shit with me & a few people for a good 10+ minutes. It was definitely the icing on the cake!

Menomena Performing Dirty Cartoons


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