Monday, October 1, 2012

∆ (Alt-J) & Wildcat! Wildcat! @ Bootleg Theater - 9/29/12

I've seen many a band perform at Bootleg Bar (some recent faves include Rubblebucket, Islands & Yellow Ostrich) but this past Saturday night was the 1st time I ever saw a show inside the Bootleg Theater instead of the bar & it was an entirely new experience. The sold out Wildcat! Wildcat! & ∆ (Alt-J) doubleheader clearly required more space than the bar could've provided but I've seen some pretty crowded sets at the bar before (i.e. Band of Skulls) so I don't know why none of those shows weren't moved to the theater. Regardless, the theater was cool & both ∆ (Alt-J) & Wildcat! Wildcat! were awesome!

Wildcat! Wildcat! has recently been compared to MGMT & I can kind of see why. I only caught the last couple songs of their set but I liked what I heard.

∆ (Alt-J), on the other hand, is in a league all their own. I can't think of a single band to even compare them to which, in this day & age, is a rare statement. These 4 adorable, nerdy Brits are relatively new to the scene but they're already blowing up & for good reason. They have an extremely unique sound that translates unbelievably well to the stage due their harmonizing skills & on point timing. They also have been releasing some SUPER impressive & creative music videos which just adds to their appeal. Be sure to check out my 1st ∆ (Alt-J) post dated 8/31/12 that includes a couple of those videos for your viewing pleasure.

Wildcat! Wildcat!

∆ (Alt-J) Performing Fitzpleasure

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